The London Jazz Society


With regret, our programme is currently suspended. We hope to start it again in the future.


The London Jazz Society holds record recitals in central London. Not a formal society with a paid-up membership, the LJS is rather a collective group of jazz fans who meet to listen to and discuss recorded jazz of all eras. Newcomers simply come along on the day – at reception, ask for the jazz.

The LJS programme alternates with that of the Duke Ellington Society UK (DESUK), with which we share a venue. Between us, our monthly events – we aim for the 2nd Saturday of the month – therefore alternate strongly Ellingtonian themes with other jazz subjects. Admission is free to all to both Societies' events.

Our events are held at the Civil Service Club, 13-15 Great Scotland Yard, London SW1A 2HJ. Sandwiches are provided and the bar is open. More substantial food can be ordered before 2pm. A voluntary retiring collection is made to defray out-of-pocket expenses. Embankment Tube station, Charing Cross or Waterloo Mainline stations and many buses! Map.

We meet from 1.30 or so for a 2pm start.

Why not come to our next event?

Joint Programme, 2018.

LJS ~ Saturday 13th January 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “January” ~ New year bring and share.

DESUK ~ Saturday 10th February 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “February” ~ February.

LJS ~ Saturday 10th March 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “March” ~ March.

DESUK ~ Saturday 14th April 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “April” ~ April.

LJS ~ Saturday 12th May 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “May” ~ May.

DESUK ~ Saturday 9th June 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “June” ~ June.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th July 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “July” ~ July.

DESUK ~ Saturday 11th August 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “August” ~ August.

LJS ~ Saturday 8th September 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Sepember” ~ Sepember.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th October 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “October” ~ October.

LJS ~ Saturday 3rd November 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “November” ~ November. Please note date, which is 1st Saturday.

Both ~ Saturday 8th December 2018 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “December” ~ December.

Old Programme, 2017.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th January 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “January” ~ New year bring and share.

DESUK ~ Saturday 11th February 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “February” ~ February.

LJS ~ Saturday 11th March 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Jazz Piano 1 & 2” ~ Antony Pepper plays highlights of the piano work of Fats Waller and Jelly Roll Morton.

DESUK ~ Tuesday 14th March 2017 (6.30 for 7pm) ~ “Jazz Piano 3 & 4” ~ March #2. In a special evening session, Antony Pepper will continue his examination of jazz piano with Earl Hines and Duke Ellington.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th April 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Duke Ellington” ~ AP will further examine Duke Ellington's piano playing.

LJS ~ Saturday 13th May 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “May” ~ May.

DESUK ~ Saturday 10th June 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “June” ~ June

LJS ~ Saturday 8th July 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “July” ~ July.

DESUK ~ Saturday 12th August 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “August” ~ August

LJS ~ Saturday 9th September 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bix Beiderbecke” ~ With Geoffrey Noden.

DESUK ~ Saturday 14th October 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “October” ~ October.

LJS ~ Saturday 4th November 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “November” ~ November. Please note date, which is 1st Saturday.

Both ~ Saturday 9th December 2017 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “December” ~ December.

Old Programme, 2016.

LJS ~ Saturday 9th January 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “January” ~ New year bring and share.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th February 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “February” ~ February.

LJS ~ Saturday 12th March 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “March” ~ March.

DESUK ~ Saturday 9th April 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “April” ~ April.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th May 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “May” ~ May

DESUK ~ Saturday 18th June 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “New From The Stockpile: Beginning to See the Light?” ~ Please note date, which is 3rd Saturday. Geoff Smith with Amsterdam Discoveries and more.

LJS ~ Saturday 9th July 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “July” ~ July.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th August 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Trees and Leaves” ~ With Roger Boyes.

LJS ~ Saturday 10th September 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “September” ~ September.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th October 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “October” ~ October.

LJS ~ Saturday 5th November 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “November” ~ November. Please note date, which is 1st Saturday.

Both ~ Saturday 10th December 2016 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas” ~ Bring and share from 2pm. 33, 45 or CD. Annual dinner later, if enough interest. Please book with us.

Old Programme, 2015.

LJS ~ Saturday 10th January 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “January” ~ January.

DESUK ~ Saturday 14th February 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “The Stockpile” ~ With Andy Foster.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th March 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Sinatra, the Rat Pack, and... Jazz?” ~ With Geoff Smith: “I think it will be fun and we could get some debate going on the jazz content of the great tracks, those timeless arrangements, and who played what behind the singer. We'll play anything by Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy as long as it swings.”

DESUK ~ Saturday 11th April 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “April” ~ April.

LJS ~ Saturday 16th May 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “May” ~ May.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th June 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Strayhorn by Strayhorn and Others” ~ With Roger Boyes. This event took place at The Punch Tavern, 99 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1DE.

LJS ~ Saturday 11th July 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “July” ~ July.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th August 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “August” ~ August.

LJS ~ Saturday 12th September 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “September” ~ September.

DESUK ~ Saturday 10th October 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “The Stockpile Revisited” ~ Another look through Duke's own personal recordings with Andy Foster.

LJS ~ Saturday 7th November 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “November” ~ November.

Both ~ Saturday 12th December 2015 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas” ~ Bring and share from 2pm. 33, 45 or CD. Annual dinner later, if enough interest. Please book with us.

Old Programme, 2014.

LJS ~ Saturday 11th January 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Trumpet Tunes” ~ Bring and share your favourite trumpeters in jazz music. 45, Lp, CD.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th February 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “You Tube” ~ As a record collection, with Antony Pepper.

LJS ~ Saturday 8th March 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Billie Holiday & Lester Young” ~ With Roger Offord.

DESUK ~ Saturday 12th April 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “A Look Forward to Ellington 2014” ~ The 22nd International Ellington Study Group Conference takes place in Amsterdam in May. Book now for the conference. Book now for the conference

LJS ~ Saturday 10th May 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bring Your Favourite Trumpeter” ~ Revisited... 45, Lp, CD.

DESUK ~ Saturday 14th June 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Summer Sharing (1)” ~ CD, 33, 45... Your choice.

LJS ~ Saturday 12th July 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Summer Sharing (2)” ~ CD, 33, 45... Your choice again.

DESUK ~ Saturday 9th August 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Hot Summer Dance (and a Merry Dance, with Stanley and Mercer)” ~ A presentation by Roger Boyes.

LJS ~ Saturday 13th September 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “George Avakian” ~ Richard Pavy on the record producer (and DESUK member) and his work.

DESUK ~ Saturday 18th October 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “October” ~ Antony Pepper hosts. Please note date, which has changed.

LJS ~ Saturday 8th November 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Count Basie” ~ With Geoffrey Noden.

Both ~ Saturday 13th December 2014 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas” ~ Usual festivities bringing and sharing from 2pm. Annual dinner later. Please book with us. Please bring a 33, a 45 or even a CD to play. Open subject. Dinner shortly after 6.

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2013.

DESUK ~ Saturday 12th October 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Autumn Meeting”

With your hosts, Victor and Antony.

LJS ~ Saturday 9th November 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “A Great Day”

...for jazz.

Joint ~ Saturday 14th December 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas Special”

Meeting at 2pm. Please bring a 33, a 45 or even a CD to play. Open subject. Annual dinner shortly after 6.

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2013.

LJS ~ Saturday 13th July 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Summer in the City”

Bring and share. Please bring along something (at least) vaguely related to summer. CD, Lp, Ep, 33 or 45.

DESUK ~ Saturday 10th August 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Barney Bigard”

With Roger Boyes.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th September 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Dave Brubeck 2”

Including Roy with interview and other material. (Postponed from May.)

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2013.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th April 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Microgroove-era Duke on Microgroove”

Please bring along something intended for microgroove record release, in that format. Or, just come and enjoy. Lp, Ep, 33 or 45.

LJS ~ Saturday 11th May 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Humph”

Victor with an impromptu session on DESUK's late president.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th June 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Unusual Ellington”

With Andy.

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2013.

LJS ~ Saturday 12th January 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Dave Brubeck”

Geoff and Antony in the first half. Bring a CD, Lp, 45 or DVD to contribute in the second.

DESUK ~ Saturday 9th Februray 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “The Second Sacred Concert”

With Andy.

LJS ~ Saturday 9th March 2013 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Art Tatum”

With Geoffrey Noden in the first half. Bring a CD, Lp or 45 to contribute in the second.

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2012.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th October 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Early Ellington”

The birth of the band, with your host VL.

LJS ~ Saturday 3rd November 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Various”

With Victor and us all.

DESUK/LJS ~ Saturday 8th December 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas Bash”

Bring and share in the afternoon... And our annual Christmas dinner for around £30 at 6pm.

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2012.

Saturday 14th July 2012 ~ “Summertime”

We did not hold our usual 2nd Saturday meeting in July. Instead, we met up at the Barbican for their Essentially Ellington "expression" from 10am.

DESUK ~ Saturday 18th August 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “A Look Back at Ellington 2012”

Antony Pepper with recordings from the recent Woking conference.

LJS ~ Saturday 8th September 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Rest”

An early autumn bring and share... Your choice of jazz's most restful or relaxing music.

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2012.

DESUK ~ Saturday 14th April 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Duke the Portraitist”

VL on duty. Also, news of May's Ellington 2012, the exciting 21st International Study Group conference everyone is queuing up to buy registration to and concert tickets for...

LJS ~ Saturday 12th May 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Youth Movement”

Roger Offord will be showing selected video recordings from jazz festivals of top class mainly young musicians from Europe and America helping to keep classic jazz alive.

DESUK ~ Saturday 9th June 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Rest”

Bring and share... Your choice of Duke's most restful or relaxing music.

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2012.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th January 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “New Year's Special”

Your usual hosts entertain.

DESUK ~ Saturday 11th February 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Oscar Peterson - Incorporating OP and Me”

With Geoff Smith.

LJS ~ Saturday 10th March 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Spring Meeting”

Bring and share...

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2011.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th October 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Aspects of Duke”

With Victor and Antony.

LJS ~ Saturday 5th November 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Jazz at the Phil”

With Ted Gascoigne.

Joint ~ Saturday 10th December 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas Bash”

Bring and share (CD or PoD), followed by our annual dinner (at 6pm).

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2011.

LJS ~ Saturday 9th July 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bring and Share”

Our second summer sharing session...

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th August 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Reaching a Younger Audience?”

With Ellington expert and Blue Light editor Roger Boyes.

LJS ~ Saturday 10th September 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Some Nice Ones We Have Missed”

With Roy Tresadern.

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2011.

DESUK ~ Saturday 9th April 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Duke on Film”

With Roger Offord. Concentrating on Duke earlier in his career.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th May 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Louis & Others – 1927 & 1928”

Antony Pepper discusses these two years – in some ways the most important in Armstrong's long career – but mainly as usual plays recordings transferred from original 78s.

DESUK ~ Saturday 11th June 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bring and Share”

With you! Bring something on CD, or your own PoD device (with 1/8" jack output).

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2011.

LJS ~ Saturday 8th January 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Song”

With Ted Gascoigne.

DESUK ~ Saturday 12th February 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Hodges”

With Victor Lawrance.

LJS ~ Saturday 12th March 2011 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bechet”

With Geoffrey Noden.

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2010.

LJS ~ Saturday 9th October 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “1940 – 70 Years On”

Complete – Duke's own-name 1940 sides, with 78 rpm record collector Antony Pepper.

DESUK ~ Saturday 6th November 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “The Perfume Suite”

Exploring Duke's first Suite (1944), with Geoff Smith. (Note date.)

DESUK & LJS ~ Saturday 11th December 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Christmas Bash”

Annual merry-making, followed at around 6pm by Christmas Supper (for which please book with us).

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2010.

DESUK ~ Saturday 10th July 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Duke on a Summer's Day”

Our other summer get-together. Please bring something for us to listen to, on CD.

LJS ~ Saturday 14th August 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bing and The Big Broadcast”

On the orginal radio revue flick of 1932.

DESUK ~ Saturday 11th September 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Duke on an Early Autumn's Day”

With your host, Victor Lawrance.

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2010.

LJS ~ Saturday 10th April 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Nothing Before 2000”

Members, friends and visitors with anything jazz of the last 10 years, or so.

DESUK ~ Saturday 8th May 2010 (12.30 for 1pm till 5.30) ~ “Annual Jazz Party”

The Pit Theatre, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS

The Duke Ellington Society's annual bash in the City. Always, one of the gigs of the year.

At 1pm, we welcome author Harvey G. Cohen in conversation with DESUK Chairman Peter Caswell, to talk about Duke Ellington's America.

At 2 it's the formal AGM.

And at 3, the Guildhall Jazz Band led by Martin Hathaway play a concert of original Ellington charts, including works from the New Orleans Suite and from A Drum is a Woman.

Free admission, but please turn up in good time. Bring your friend!

LJS ~ Saturday 12th June 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Jazz on a Summer's Day”

Our summer get-together. Please bring something for us to listen to on CD, primarily celebrating the jazz composer.

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2010.

DESUK ~ Saturday 16th January 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Modern and Different Takes on Ellington”

With Maggie Stone.

LJS ~ Saturday 13th February 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Bix Beiderbecke”

...and friends. Roger Offord explores the white jazz scene of the late 1920s, centring around Bix.

DESUK ~ Saturday 13th March 2010 (1.30 for 2pm) ~ “Billy Strayhorn”

With Ted Gascoigne.

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2009.

[LJS] Saturday 10th October 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "1939 – 70 Years On"

Originals from the transitional year of 1939, with 78 collector Antony Pepper.

[DESUK] Saturday 7th November 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "Ellington in Denmark"

Anton Field with rarely seen video of Duke in Denmark.

[DESUK & LJS] Saturday 12th December 2009 (1.30 for 2pm, and 6pm) – "Christmas Special"

Our annual Bash, with optional Christmas dinner after (partners and friends etc. welcome: book with us, as early as possible please, and pay the venue on the night – around £25-30 per plate). For the afternoon, bring an Ellington item and a non-Ellington item (on CD), and we'll split the session.

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2009.

[DESUK] Saturday 11th July 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "T.G.T.T."

Our summer Ducal free-for-all. Bring an Ellington favourite on CD for you to introduce and for us all to hear, this time concentrating on Duke the composer for jazz orchestra.

[LJS] Saturday 8th August 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "Summer Special"

Your turn again, as we invite everyone to bring (on CD) a jazzy record reflective of the happiness of a balmy summer's afternoon.

[DESUK] Saturday 12th September 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "Aspects of Ellington"

Roger Offord in the 1920s and 1930s, including the very earliest recordings

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2009.

[LJS] Saturday 4th April 2009 (2.30 for 3pm) – "Absolutely Super Sax"

Featuring some of the best saxophonists in jazz history, hosted by Victor Lawrance.

[DESUK] Saturday 9th May 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "My Dates with Duke and How We Stopped the Show"

Geoff Smith's presentation will include recordings and unique photographs to illustrate the reminiscing and repartee.

[LJS] Saturday 13th June 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "The Music of Jelly-Roll Morton"

Geoffrey Noden discusses a jazz original, if not the originator of jazz!

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2009.

[DESUK] Saturday 10th January 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "A Look Back at Ellington 2008 – Concluded"

Antony Pepper introduces further moments from last year's 20th International Duke Ellington Conference held in London (Ellington 2008), continuing where he left off in September.

[LJS] Saturday 14th February 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "Bring and Play at the LJS"

Bring (on CD) and introduce a somewhat out-of-the-way jazz recording.

[DESUK] Saturday 14th March 2009 (1.30 for 2pm) – "What Else?"

Derek Else discusses and plays more of his favourite Ellington recordings, illustrating the pieces on his clarinet.

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2008.

[DESUK] Saturday 11th October 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Ellington: Then – and Later"

Roger Offord, comparing the Duke's early and later recordings of the same compositions.

[LJS] Saturday 8th November 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "1938 – 70 Years On"

A portrait of the year by 78 rpm collector Antony Pepper, presenting new full-range transcriptions of direct-cut records, and including a nod to 1928 – 80 years on!

[DESUK & JLS] Saturday 13th December 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Christmas Bash 2008"

Seasonal festivities. Bring your own appropriate (in your view) recording on CD and introduce it. Snacks provided.

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2008.

[LJS] Saturday 12th July 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Bring and Share at the LJS"

A favourite type of session for our events. Bring along a recording on CD to introduce and play. Any jazz-related subject... Includes Victor L on Woody H.

[DESUK] Saturday 13th September 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "A Look Back at Ellington 2008"

Antony Pepper introduces moments from the recent 20th International Duke Ellington Conference held in London (Ellington 2008). Come and relive moments if you made it in May, and if you didn't, experience a taste of what you missed!

[LJS] Saturday 27th September 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Ramblin' with Rollini"

...and other masters of the bass saxophone. Including a Duke Ellington mystery! Introduced by David Bradbury. "Adrian Francis Rollini (June 28, 1903 – May 15, 1956) was a multi-instrumentalist best known for his jazz music. He played the bass saxophone, piano, xylophone, and many other instruments. Rollini is also known for introducing the goofus in jazz music." (More @ WikiP...)

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2008.

[LJS] Saturday 12th April 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Lena Horne"

Lena Horne (1917-) is a notable American singer and actress, her long and varied recording career stretching from the late 1930s to at least the year 2000. Ted Gascoigne discusses her contribution to jazz and plays many of his favourite of her records.

[DESUK] Saturday 10th May 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "A Look Ahead to Ellington 2008"

Antony Pepper hosts a presentation relating to the International Duke Ellington Conferences, the 20th of which will take place later in the month here in London (22nd – 26th May), and looks forward to Ellingtonians Buster Cooper, John Lamb and Art Baron appearing and performing. See Ellington 2008!

[LJS] Saturday 28th June 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Duke 60/47"

After a look forward to Ellington 2008 which featured for the most part bands playing at the event, i.e. non-Ellington recordings, Antony Pepper today introduces a retrospective of Ellington on Columbia Lps, with performances from 1960 to 1947.

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2008.

[DESUK] Saturday 12th January 2008 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Ellington: the UK Tours"

We are once again privileged to host a presentation by writer and broadcaster Michael Pointon. As a start to the DUKE 2008 celebrations in this Triple Anniversary Year, Michael will be discussing and examining the impact of Ellington’s first three visits to the UK in 1933, 1948 and 1958.

[LJS] Saturday 9th February 2008 (1.30 for 1.45pm – 4.45pm) – "Fletcher Henderson"

For almost two decades, Fletcher Henderson ran an effective university of jazz: his Orchestra in New York. Many important musicians passed through his ranks, including Louis Armstrong, Coleman Hawkins and Rex Stewart. Henderson went on to shape the Swing Era with his charts for Benny Goodman. Critic Roger Offord treats us to an afternoon of Hendersonia.

[DESUK] Saturday 8th March 2008 (1.30 for 1.45pm – 4.45pm) – "DE on DE"

Society stalwart and hot jazz clarinettist Derek Else on his main man Duke Ellington. Derek will illustrate with recordings of the Ellington Orchestra, including performances by Buster Cooper, John Lamb and Art Baron, the Ellington band members who are coming to the Great London Conference in May, Ellington 2008 (book online now!).

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2007.

[LJS] Saturday 27th October 2007 (1.45 for 2pm – 5pm) – "1937 – 70 Years On"

Antony Pepper illustrates this seminal year from his 78 collection, and beyond!

[DESUK] Saturday 10th November 2007 (1.45 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Jimmie Blanton"

Roger Boyes treats us to an in-depth analysis of the fabled bass player.

[LJS] Saturday 15th December 2007 (1.45 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Christmas Bash"

Join the party atmosphere at our Winterval gathering – bring along a somewhat (or at least, in your opinion, vaguely) seasonable jazz selection on CD to play and say what it means to you.

Seasonal-type snacks etc. on hand, just drop in!

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2007.

[DESUK] Saturday 4th August 2007 (1.45 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Members' Choices"

Including longer/more substantial Ellington works. Non-members also welcome. Either way, bring a CD!

[LJS] Saturday 25th August 2007 (1.45 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Fats Waller"

Examination of the brilliant pianist & composer and sometimes singer by Waller expert & well-known jazz critic Roger Offord.

[DESUK] Saturday 29th September 2007 (1.45 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Ellington – Albums in the 1940s"

Somewhat improvised session hosted by Antony Pepper, examining some of the Duke's 78 rpm albums of the 1940s.

Old Programme, 2nd Quarter 2007.

[DESUK] Saturday 14th April 2007 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Small groups – 1939-1940"

Critic Roger Boyes delves into the complete Variety, Vocalion and OKeh small groups 7-CD set on Mosaic to feature the extraordinary work of Ellington's small combos as Jimmie Blanton joins. [The previously scheduled full talk on JB will be rescheduled to a later date this year.]

[LJS] Saturday 26th May 2007 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "That Devilin' Tune"

Author David Bradbury presents a talk based on saxophonist Allen Lowe's provocative alternative history of jazz with recorded examples from some surprising sources, including more of Arthur Pryor, trombonist.

[DESUK] Saturday 30th June 2007 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Sweet Jazz O' Mine"

Always a highlight, an "improvised" session made up of whatever you want to hear! Bring and share your favourite Ellingtonian CDs...

Old Programme, 1st Quarter 2007.

[LJS] Saturday 20th January 2007 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Two Recitals"

Fledgling double act and LJS stalwarts Roger Offord & Victor Lawrance with their varied take on jazz. Victor presents "1957" and Roger a review of the late 1920s into the 1930s.

[DESUK] Saturday 24th February 2007 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "The Clarinettist"

Veteran muso and leading DESUK light Derek “Who?” Else presents an unusual review of the Duke’s and Billy’s work.

[LJS] Saturday 24th March 2007 (1.30 for 2pm – 5pm) – "Jazz 1923-1942"

Antony Pepper with test pressings from his collection – direct-cut 78 r.p.m. recordings pressed not into the noisy material of the period, but later, into vinyl. Includes sides by Louis Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, Bix Beiderbecke, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, and Duke Ellington, all in remarkably clear sound.

Old Programme, 4th Quarter 2006.

[DESUK] Saturday 21st October 2006 (2pm – 5.30pm) – "Bubber Miley"

Miley enthusiast Roger Offord will be playing his favourite recordings featuring Bubber, including several excellent sides which Bubber made after he left Duke, comprising some from his own band, the Mileage Makers, and from his recordings with Leo Reisman, none of which have been widely available. The Ellington sides will include some of the lesser-known items.

[LJS] Saturday 4th November 2006 (2pm – 5.30pm) – "Two Recitals"

Ted Gascoigne hosts an afternoon on "The Catchy Tunes & Classic Arrangements of the Big Bands" for the first half and for the second, "A Selection of Recent British Jazz CDs," including anecdotes and historical notes. Come and listen and join in the discussion.

[DESUK] Saturday 9th December 2006 (2pm – 5.30pm) – "Christmas Bash"

Antony Pepper will present an informal and vaguely seasonal show, featuring, in one of the 1/2s, "Duke in Stereo" - some of the most remarkable stereo recordings of the Ellington band. For the other, folk are invited to bring happy and unusual Ellington things along to heighten cheer still further! Will there be crackers and mince pies and mulled wine for all? Come and see!

Old Programme, 3rd Quarter 2006.

[LJS] Saturday 22nd July 2006 (2pm – 5.30pm) – "Both Sides of 20 of My Favourite Jazz 78s, 1918-1942"

Concentrating away from Ellington for once, Antony Pepper digs deeper into his jazz 78 collection, playing both sides of each selection to set the music in the context in which it would have initially been listened to.

[DESUK] Saturday 19th August 2006 (2pm – 5.30pm) – "Interpretations of Ellington and Strayhorn"

Jazz musicians through the decades have arranged and improvised on the compositions of these two giants of popular music and Jazz, from Art Tatum to Guy Barker, Count Basie to Thelonious Monk. Chris Moore debates whether they have enhanced the music or destroyed it. Come and listen and put your comments.

[LJS] Saturday 23rd September 2006 (2pm – 5.30pm) – "Jazz Potpourri"

Taking its title from a late '30s Ellington tune, an always popular opportunity to bring along some of your own favourite music, on CD, to play, explain and discuss amongst friends!

Come along and enjoy! Feel free to E-mail us with any queries.

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